In the past, companies relied heavily on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to sell their products via online ad campaigns—but times have changed, a lot. Now, more than 70% of American companies are registered Instagrammers, ready to take advantage of the millions of Instagram users out there.

So, what are the advantages of using Instagram as a marketing lever?

  • Images

Our brains are mainly image processors, not word processors. It makes sense that people respond better, and retain information better, when they see images rather than words. And the experts agree with this, according to a recent published study.

For this reason, Instagram Marketing might be the way to go forward with your client’s brand. It has the potential to reach a wider audience than on Twitter for example because, by following this study of the human brain, you can take advantage of the prospects’ out there and increase your clients’ ROIs.

  • Numbers

Just like all sales people will say, “It’s a numbers game”. And with Instagram Marketing, it’s no different. Let’s look the numbers for a moment. There are currently 15 million registered businesses on Instagram. This means that businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits this medium offers. There are over 600 million Instagram users worldwide, and of these 600 million, 400 million are active every day. Six out of 10 adults have an account.

So, with the numbers in plain sight, it makes sense to take advantage of this social media channel, and start helping your clients benefit from the millions of consumers out there.

  • Hashtags

There is something special about the Instagram hashtag. Hashtags can be used to “ride on” since no hashtag belongs to any one user. A well-known hashtag can be used in your client’s campaign if it is relevant, which might help boost the awareness of your client’s brand.

Also, you could use the hashtag to promote an idea or campaign for your client, and should such a tag take off, the awareness and interaction and even sales that your client can make are astronomical.

The research speaks for itself, and marketers who do not take advantage of this emerging trend will find themselves lost in the dark while other companies enjoy the abundancy of millions of prospective customers out there, ready to buy your client’s products or follow their campaigns.

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