Put The WOW Factor Into Web Content With Winning Words

The wording in product descriptions can make all the difference for an e-commerce website. Our specialised services in product description writing encourage desired actions from prospective buyers. We, At White Label Copywriting Australia offer digital marketing agencies and web design companies the expertise of highly skilled copywriters dedicated to crafting outstanding quality content for your clients on your behalf.
Writing effective product descriptions can be a laborious task for a busy business owner. More than this, it takes great skill and expert-level proficiencies in persuasive writing to craft vivid product descriptions that catch the eye and imagination of a potential customers. The very skills and expertise you will find in the copywriting team at White Label Copywriting Australia.

Product descriptions are vital for driving sales for an e-commerce business. Businesses with a huge number of items in their shopping carts, in particular, require time and attention that many marketing agencies simply do not have. We understand this which is why we have created this innovative product service to assist busy web design companies with great content for their clients.

We can devise a schedule plan according to your client’s budget to roll out a specified number of product descriptions monthly until all items are covered.

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Outsourcing product description writing and offer your clients
  • The look of a professional business
  • Promote trust between brand and customer by providing all key relevant details
  • Unique memorable descriptions that stay in the uppermost minds of the customer
  • Descriptions specifically tailored to match personality of brand
  • Expertly written to promote sales
  • Carefully phrased descriptions with targeted keyword use

Our talented in-house copywriting team will conduct additional research to ensure they understand the full benefits and features of a product before crafting compelling descriptions. We offer a distinct difference by writing from a perspective that answers prospective buyers’ queries and questions. Our product descriptions are easily understood because they are professionally written by copywriters with above average proficiencies in written English communication.

Contact White Label Copywriting Australia for product descriptions with tactically-inserted keywords specifically targeted at the desired customer market. Our professional writers will provide your clients with high quality work that exceeds their expectations.