Standard Blog Posts – Build Your Brand With Written Content

Blog posts are a great way to populate a client’s website with interesting information that customers want to read, optimized for the keywords clients use in search engines. It is something that clients can also share on social media platforms to show people that they are experts in their field and that they want to help customers to find a solution to their problems.

To get the most out of blog posts, you need to be regularly posting original content that is optimized for keywords and are at least 300 to 350 words each.

White Label Copywriting USA knows that offering this on a regular basis is challenging when you’re running a small digital

agency – especially if your clients are requesting blogs for their site and you have no copywriting team to speak of. This is why it’s in your best interest to outsource this to us, which you can do for an affordable set price.

If your clients aren’t aware of the benefits of regular blogging, explain to them that it will help them to establish their business as experts in their field while increasing brand recognition and credibility. It also can be used in inbound marketing campaigns, to lure in quality leads and even act as free marketing for new audiences.

With White Label Copywriting USA, the heavy lifting is done on your client’s behalf. We carve out blog articles catered to your client’s audience in terms of location and voice. Clients can provide our team with keywords or we can undertake the keyword research on their behalf – on request. We can even put together a blog content calendar on demand.

With a team that is experienced in writing blogs for every industry on the planet, all we require from you is a detailed brief. You can then relax knowing that in exchange you will get blog articles that your clients will love, and that stand out from the crowd.

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