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Have you ever given over your email address in exchange for access to a resource on a topic from a business you respect? If you have, then you will already know how valuable a long, extra researched piece of content can be. It’s a way to demonstrate expertise while building up your or your client’s brand authority.

White Label Copywriting USA excels at creating extra researched blog posts – categorized as blogs between 600 to 1000 words (or more), focusing on a niche topic related to your client’s business.

These articles are perfect for those involved in technical or complex fields that need to explain or expand on a certain idea or theory. It further allows your clients to offer their potential customers content that will demonstrate to the customer (and potential sale) that your client knows what they are doing.

At White Label Copywriting USA we understand that translating one’s knowledge into an interesting, well written article (complete with research and statistics) is something that not all clients have time for or the skills to do. This is the reason that this service exists.

With our extra research blog post product your client gets to enjoy as much or as little input as they want in the process. A simple keyword can be provided to the White Label Copywriting USA copywriting team, or the client can outline specific terms or points they would like to see addressed in the blog post.

Many of our clients offer this service as a means of generating leads from social media or directly from their websites. It is a cost effective way to draw in viable customers by offering them specific expertise.

The benefit of working with a team that is experienced in managing American audiences is that you will get an extra researched blog post that has been created by native English speakers who are familiar with what local audiences crave.

Contact White Label Copywriting USA to create extra researched blog articles for your clients that implement targeted keyword integration, are easily sharable on social media platforms and are free from mistakes.

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