As of just a few years ago, research revealed that there were 28.8 million small businesses in the USA, accounting for the vast majority of businesses in the country.

Of this massive amount, only a small handful will be clients of your digital marketing agency. The good news is that they won’t be competing with all 28.8 million others just like them, and they don’t need to. These days clients are more likely to find success by concentrating their marketing efforts on their immediate geographical area. Buy offering them Local SEO as part of our wholesale SEO services, you can help them do that.

  • Why focus on local?

According to Hubspot, local searches (often conducted by customers using their smartphones) often result in real life store visits, with 78% of local mobile searches resulting in purchases occurring offline. They also reveal that people frequently use local search listings to find out a business’s prices, operating hours and contact details. It’s apparent that local SEO has an impact, and as most of it doesn’t involve a paid effort it’s worth investing in.

  • What should Local SEO focus on?

If your client has never done Local SEO before, you should start by claiming all their relevant local profiles, including their Google listing and presence on other industry-specific listing sites (TripAdvisor, etc). If they haven’t claimed their social media profiles and handles, then they should do so now. Remember that claiming every profile doesn’t mean you have to dedicate yourself to running each account. It just means that you’re ensuring all links to your client’s business provide the same basic contact details.

Another way that local SEO efforts can be boosted is to optimise the client’s website for geographic keywords. This will help boost their ranking in search engines for people looking for a service they provide, in an area that they provide it in.

Finally, it can in time help a client develop a good reputation, by garnering ratings and reviews that will be displayed prominently when searched.

With SEO Resellers USA, we include local SEO services as part of our wholesale SEO services offering. If you’d like to outsource your Local SEO service needs to us we can also help, as we’re in the business of white label digital marketing and our Local SEO is on point.