What many agencies tend to do is post, post and post without regard for the user (the customer) who is constantly bombarded with useless advertising and posts. Eventually they will ignore irrelevant information because it’s not targeted to the right type of customer.

There are various ways to test the market on Facebook, and a great deal of these ways are technical—but there is really a simpler approach, which yields powerful results you can share with your clients.

Here’s what you should consider advising your clients before you upload your content, and before you split-test your Facebook copy.

Adespresso has given specific guidelines on what works best. Put simply, they suggest smaller elements be tackled first before attempting to test with a wide range of elements. This makes sense because the split-testing on Facebook undertaken by this company has shown staggering results.

For example, after trial and error, they decided to stick to the basics first, with fewer elements, and this boosted their performance by 143% in just four days! And you offer the same results for your clients by following this trend. Here’s how:

Test your client’s audience simply – with age only

By split-testing your Facebook ads into two separate groups such as Young VS Old, you will quickly determine what your next targeted strategy should be.

Even President Obama used this technique. He split-tested his campaigns, which resulted in a $690 million donation to his campaign.

Next step – Refine your copy

Refine your copy, now that, for example, you have established your client’s age group is Old (40-65). This will then enable you to fine-tune your tone, imagery, language and relevance to suit your established customer base. These will then boost your performance on Facebook, which will enable you to offer your clients a solid social media strategy.

By following this easy split-testing strategy, you will save time and effort. Focus on the specifics, and you will enhance your Facebook advertising with more precision, offering your clients’ specific information about the market.

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