If you thought that email marketing was a dead marketing practice or a dying one, think again! Intensive research and statistics have demonstrated time and again the invaluable resource of email marketing for digital agencies, even in today’s world of 140 characters and sidebar ads.

What makes email marketing in 2017 not only still relevant, but incredibly powerful in producing outstanding return on investments?

  • It is inexpensive

Sending an email to a database of your client’s customers or potential customers costs absolutely nothing. The only real effort involved is that required to construct the email, a simple task in the hands of a good copywriter with sales knowledge.

The benefits of this effort include updating the database on offers or news, potential engagement with the people on the list and even more importantly, new potential sales.

For some reason, we seem to think that the only value out there for digital marketers is to convince our clients to dedicate budget to “pull” marketing activities like Adwords and Facebook ads, neglecting the already opted in audience they have in their email marketing database that they can push to.

  • Your reach is exponential

The reach email marketing can cover in a day (or even a matter of minutes) is not even comparable to the efforts of a salesman knocking on doors or making cold calls. Remember that sales is a numbers game, and with thousands upon thousands of emails capable of crossing all over the world simultaneously and instantly, there’s no telling what great responses your client’s can receive.

  • Millennials use email for everything

Seventy-three percent of those born in the 80s prefer email communication, which means that your client’s email campaign will not go ignored. It’s a shocking statistic as most digital marketers we speak to just assume that more people prefer social networks to good old fashioned email.

  • Following up

Following up via email with ecommerce customerswho had shopping carts that were abandonedactually showed an increase in salesof 2.1%. This is promising information about email marketing and shows the power that it has to actually get what are essentially closed deals, over the line.

  • Email marketing median for ROI is higher than social media

Last year a study showed that direct email marketing can outrun other digital marketing campaigns by up to four times. ROI in a June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric showed 122% return on investment. Show us a client who won’t shell out for those numbers.

  • Real money returns

It has been estimated, through a series of studies and reports, that for every unit spent on email marketing, an average return is 40 times that unit. This means that if an American agency spends one dollar, it should make roughly 44 dollars from that one dollar spent.

Email marketing is clearly still viable, relevant and worth the investment. Using these statistics, you should advise your clients that email marketing has the lowest risk in terms of cost and reputation, but holds the highest potential gain.

Agencies who are determined not to make use of this powerful digital marketing tool will ultimately find themselves lost in the dust of those forward-thinking, focussed agencies.

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