Proofreading – Making Sure Content Is Accurate & Error Free

Sometimes businesses will have their client’s copy drafted by an in-house team, or will prefer to compile copy themselves due to the technical nature of their business. Many businesses also like to write their own content in cases where it is important for the unique voice of the business to shine through. In these situations, White Label Copywriting USA is happy to step in to assist.

White Label Copywriting USA offers a professional proofreading service that can be applied to everything from brochure copy to website copy to sales and traditional ad copy. Our team of in-house proofreaders is familiar with the unique language, style and tone of both the formal and informal American style of communication, meaning that you will never have to worry about your client’s proofread content being changed into something that doesn’t fit the tone of their business.

We will check all provided content for all spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, taking into consideration context as well as how the message has been structured. We understand that the overall goal is not just that the content is error-free, but that the overall message is communicated in a clear and easy to understand manner – no matter who is reading it. This is why we pay special attention to the logic, language accuracy, structure and thought flow of all written content.

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Why Choose Outsourced Proofreading Services?

Most computer programs come with free spelling checks that are quick and easy to use. So why should you use a specialised proofreading service? Because there is no computer in the world that can take content and make it sound more professional. You need a trained human eye to take written words and tweak them into something that inspires confidence in your client’s brand and eliminates any chance of misunderstanding.

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